The Big Ones

2008 Ranking of the Largest North American In-plants

This is our 2008 listing. Click here for our December 2009 listing of the largest in-plants.

Which in-plants are the largest in North America? We get asked this question dozens of times a year. To find out, we surveyed our readership. Not all of the largest in-plants replied, but most of them did, allowing us to create two lists:

• The largest in-plants according to the number of full-time-equivalent employees (half of the part-time/temporary employees were added to the full-time figure).

• The top in-plants according to sales. (If a sales figure was not provided, the annual budget was used.)

These rankings will give you a quick look at some of the giants in the in-plant industry. (Click on the link to the right for a PDF of the listing.)

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