The Largest In-plants

Here are the largest in-plants according to sales and employees.

THERE ARE some pretty big in-plants in North America. To find out who they are, we surveyed our readership. Not all of the largest in-plants replied, but most of them did, allowing us to create two lists:

• The largest in-plants according to the number of full-time-equivalent employees. (Half of the part-time/temporary employee count was added to the full-time figure.)

• The largest in-plants according to sales. (If a sales figure was not provided, the annual budget was used.)

To see PDFs showing all of this year’s rankings, including some that were not published in the magazine, click on the links at left. This will give you a quick look at some (but not all) of the giants in the in-plant industry.

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  • http://GlennHaugh Glenn Haugh

    I really enjoy your magazine, but I was really caught off guard by “The Big Guys” article (12/2009) stating The University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill as having 43 employees and annual sales of $6,800,000, annual operating budget $6,700,000. Where did this information come from? As an employee of the UNC Printing Services, UNC-CH, I have asked around and we were wondering about the information in the article and how you got the information.