Hot Products: Computer-to-Plate

The new Agfa :Avalon N8.

The Fujifilm Javelin HD 8900.

Glunz & Jensen's PlateWriter 3000.

The Heidelberg Suprasetter A52/A75.

Kodak Trillian SP Plates.

Presstek's PhD 830 negative 
working pre-heat thermal plate.

The Xanté PlateMaker 
6 total prepress system.

Improved Recording Head Design

The new Agfa :Avalon N8-60 series and :Avalon N8-80 XT feature an improved recording head design and automation upgrades that enhance image quality, productivity, versatility and sustainability. The N8-60 series and N8-80 XT models support plate sizes from 11.97×12˝ to 45.87x 37.4˝ and output speeds up to 65 plates per hour (pph). They feature automation improvements and an energy-saving standby mode. Both engines have been engineered for optimal output with any of Agfa’s thermal plate products including the market-leading chemistry-free plate, :Azura TS, and Agfa’s newest long-run, no-bake plate, :Energy Elite Pro.

Grating Light Valve Technology

The Fujifilm Javelin HD 8900 is the latest addition to the Fujifilm thermal CTP family. With its grating light valve (GLV) technology, the Javelin HD 8900 comes in three production models ranging from 33-60+ pph. With optional automation, the Javelin HD 8900 can output up to 500 plates unattended. Fujifilm’s Javelin series also includes an 8300 and 8600 series ranging from 8-23 pph. Combine this with Fujifilm’s Brillia CTP plates and the GATF InterTech Award-winning ZAC processing technology for a very green CTP solution.

Chemistry-free CTP

Glunz & Jensen‘s new PlateWriter 3000 is a two-up and four-up chemistry-free CTP system designed for small to mid-size printers. It can produce up to 20 two-up or 10 four-up plates per hour (pph). The system includes a Harlequin-based RIP with a powerful hardware platform and an integrated finishing unit to cure plates without the need for chemicals or processing. Plates are finished using low energy halogen heat sources, then automatically gummed. They do not require processing baths, exposure units or rinsing water, yielding a very low energy consumption plate.

Production Reliability

The Heidelberg Suprasetter A52/A75 has a small footprint to allow easy integration into most print shops. The optional Auto Top Loader (ATL) provides a manual Suprasetter A52/A75 with automated plate loading with slip sheet removal. The cassette holds between 50 and 100 plates depending on the plate thickness. Plate types and formats from 9.45×9.45˝ to 26.38×20.87˝ or 26.38×29.92˝ can be processed. Production reliability is ensured through the Intelligent Diode System (IDS); if a diode fails, operation can continue. The Suprasetter A52/A75 can be configured for conventional, processless and chemical-free thermal plates. An online processor can be connected for conventional thermal plates, a clean-out unit for chemical-free thermal plates, and a plate stacker for processless thermal plates. The Suprasetter A52/A75 has very low energy consumption and heat output compared with other small-format thermal platesetters.

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