A Perfect Way to Bind

With on-demand printing making book production easy, in-plants are increasingly upgrading their perfect binders. Here are some of the latest models.

By Elise Hacking

Book Block Gluing Machine

American Binding’s Book Block Gluing Machine Type ID 5000 is specifically designed for the production of high-quality gauzed books. The machine is equipped with two glue trays, one for cold glue at the entrance (with infrared drying) and one with hot-melt glue and lateral gluing. Dimensions and processing of the gauze can be electronically adjusted. The ID 5000 handles paper sizes ranging from 3.9×5.9˝ to 11.8×20.5˝ in thicknesses of .11˝ to 3.2˝.


1,500 Cycles per Hour

The BaumBinder 1500 perfect binder, from Baum, operates at 1,500 cycles per hour. It features a top-loading, bottom-feeding cover feeder and a two-part conveyor system for flexibility of finished book delivery. It offers clamping, spine preparation and glue application. A multi-tooth milling blade handles spine preparation, and the thermostat-controlled glue tank features an application roller and back spinner.


Automation and Flexibility

Böwe Bell + Howell’s DemandWorks perfect binding systems offer a combination of automation, customization and flexibility to meet and exceed the requirements of the print-on-demand market. These systems handle books ranging in thickness from 1⁄16˝ up to 13⁄4˝, depending on the model. In addition, they handle a variety of inputs, including single or multiple cut sheet and continuous print streams, which can be merged and collated.


User-friendly Automated Binder

The BB3002 perfect binder, from C.P. Bourg, addresses demands for a user-friendly automated binder with simple setup via its color-sensitive touch screen. Its automatic setup ensures great flexibility and adjusts effortlessly to book block thicknesses up to 2.3˝. Its adjustable suction cover feeder is equipped with a creasing blade producing up to six scores, making winged books a reality. It is designed for in-plants with monthly volumes around 3,000 books or more.

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