Arizona Awaits ACUP’s Arrival

ACUP 2014 begins on April 6

It’s been 15 years since the Association of College and University Printers (ACUP) met in the Phoenix area, but on April 6 the group will be back in the Valley of the Sun for three days of networking and education. The docket is packed with great topics, such as customer service, equipment justification, understanding an in-plant’s true costs, wide-format opportunities and more. The vendor exhibit area will show off some of the latest technologies for in-plants.

“The Future Looks Bright” is the theme of the 49th annual ACUP conference, and sessions are designed to give managers ideas to help them be successful. Managers will share their in-plants’ strategic plans for growth and learn how to develop a quality workforce with cross-functioning teams. A series of roundtable discussions will cover topics like 3D printing, scanning, revenue strategies, multi-channel marketing and the right of first refusal.

The nearby Arizona State University Print & Imaging Lab will play a big part in this year’s conference. Former manager Mike Chiricuzio will share his experiences setting up the lab, starting with a business plan, getting administrative buy-in, purchasing equipment and integrating with ASU’s academic programs. Later in the conference, current director Cathy Skoglund will discuss the challenges and rewards of running an operation entirely with students. Then all ACUP attendees are invited to tour ASU’s Print and Imaging Lab.

At Wednesday’s dinner and awards ceremony, winners of the ACUP Production Awards and the ACUP Impression Awards will be honored.

Find out more and register for ACUP 2014 here.

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