Be Safe And Productive

Safety and efficiency are the key factors to consider when trying to find the best cutter

for your in-plant.


THE SAFETY of your in-plant employees must be a priority for you as a manger. Especially vulnerable to injury are operators of paper cutting equipment. So to ensure that no injuries occur in your shop, make sure you bring in equipment that is safe.

“Safety has always been number one with Polar,” stresses Rob Kuehl, product manager for Heidelberg’s Polar Cutting Systems division. He notes that all new Polar customers and operators must go through a safety training program put on by the vendor. All Polar equipment also meets both German and American safety standards, Kuehl adds.

“We demand dealers provide operator training and confirm it has been completed with a signature on the warrantee card,” says Robb Gould, vice president of marketing and sales for Challenge Machinery. The company also uses outside sources to test the safety and reliability of its equipment, Gould explains.

Backgauge covers, safety light curtains, knife cycle safeties, time delays on the cut buttons, clamp pressure safeties, warning labels and operator instruction are all ways vendors say they are making paper cutting safer.

While safety is vital, the job still has to get done quickly and efficiently. Gould, of Challenge Machinery, notes that vendors are constantly looking for ways to automate the cutting process. This is especially important for smaller shops, he says, which may have less-experienced operators. With advances in automation on Challenge equipment, Gould jokes, “even the sales staff can use it.”

Accessories like joggers and paper lifts will raise production in your shop, says Heidelberg’s Kuehl. It will also boost the morale of your staff, he predicts, as heavy lifting is eliminated and setup times are trimmed down.

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