Graph Expo: A Strong Finish

Bindery innovations were a big part of Graph Expo. Here’s a look at some of the new technology that was on display.

THERE ARE two sets of attendees walking the show floor at Graph Expo. The first type has done his/her homework, knows all the primary players for a given product, has whittled down the equipment choices to a short list, and is at the show to see the machines in action. This person is on a mission.

The second type has been to all the booths offering freebies, has three or four posters, two flash drives, one guitar and assorted other trinkets. For him, this show is a two-day reprieve from work. This tire kicker doesn’t really have an agenda.

An educated shopper is the vendor’s best friend. Those who crave knowledge want to learn about gaining efficiencies, cutting turnaround times and reducing manpower. And the bindery/finishing department is that area most in need of automation.

At the recent Graph Expo show, the bindery vendors reported a great deal of interest in their wares. Automation and the ability to easily integrate systems was a frequent inquiry from booth visitors, according to Werner Naegeli, president and CEO of Muller Martini. Scalability and modularity aren’t far behind on wish lists for equipment traits.

“Many of the customers I’ve talked to said they were very busy work-wise,” said Naegeli, adding that booth appointments were double those of last year.

Dan Mauer, director of postpress product management at Heidelberg USA, was also impressed with booth traffic.

“Our goal was to demonstrate the breadth of our solutions, while stressing our focus on automation and the value that it creates for the customers,” he said.

Klaus Beckbissinger, executive vice president of MBO America, called Graph Expo “a true success in every sense of the word.

“For the first time in years, it was hard to distinguish day one from day three—there was so much attendance,” said Beckbissinger, who noted that MBO’s Super KTZ 800.2 combination folder grabbed the attention of many booth visitors.

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