Bindery Specifications Guide

In-plants sure do a lot of binding. In fact, more in-plants have bindery equipment than offset presses or copiers.

According to an IPG survey, the top three pieces of in-plant equipment are paper cutters, folders and drills/punches, with 97+ percent of in-plants saying they own this equipment. Close behind are saddle stitchers (installed in 83 percent of in-plants), collators (81 percent) and spiral wire binders (46 percent).

That’s because in-plants know that a job isn’t finished until it’s…well, finished. So maintaining an arsenal of top-notch bindery equipment is essential to providing customers with the quality they expect from an in-plant.

Like all equipment with moving parts, though, bindery gear breaks down. What’s more, with all the digital enhancements on today’s new bindery equipment, the ancient cutters and folders on your shop floor may not be the most productive—or safe—machines to use any more.

To show you what’s out there, IPG has collected specifications on the major equipment on the market. Our latest issue includes specification tables on adhesive binders, saddle stitchers, spiral binders, cutters, folders, and collators.

Below, we have reproduced part of one of the tables. Please see the printed version of the issue for the rest of the bindery equipment specifications.


Adhesive/Perfect Binder Specifications:


Floor Model


Min. Paper Dimensions

Max. Paper Dimensions

Max. Book Thickness

Books Per Hour


BaumBinder 300







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