Photo Finish for BYU

An elegant case-bound book featuring stunning photos of a Utah college earned Brigham Young University its third Best of Show Award.

“We had a lot of influence with the design,” he says. Snow’s designers talked with BYU’s production staff frequently to ensure they would get the result they wanted.

When the time came to start work, job files were sent to BYU through its FTP site. With Delane Donithorne overseeing production, Lisa Nelson and Ed Godinez created proofs on an Espon proofer for review by the client and Barras. Once they were satisfied, Dave Simpson output plates on the in-plant’s Fuji Saber CTP device. Then press operators Gilbert Peay and Ken Simmons took over. They printed the pages on BYU’s five-color, 40˝ Heidelberg using Sterling Ultra dull 100-lb. sheets. The shop printed 2,000 copies of the books.

Because the in-plant has an Agfa Apogee CIP3 closed-loop system, colors were set in prepress. Operators pulled and scanned sheets frequently during the press run, and the system told them which colors to adjust.

Barras was on hand during the press run to make certain everything looked right. Then John Killpack folded pages on an MBO folder, making sure the crossovers all lined up.

Though the in-plant did bind some of the books on its ODM case binder, with Kelly Sanderson overseeing student workers running the equipment, the majority of the books were sent to Roswell Binding in Phoenix.

The in-plant also printed an inlay card for the front cover on its HP Indigo 7600 and UV coated it. A dust jacket was printed on the shop’s six-color, 32˝ Akiyama press by Ken Simmons. Students placed the jackets on the finished books that were case bound in-house.

Snow College was extremely pleased with the finished product, Maxwell says, as was he. He credits all of his in-plant’s 50 full-time, 10 part-time and 200 student workers for their dedication.

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