Photo Finish for BYU

An elegant case-bound book featuring stunning photos of a Utah college earned Brigham Young University its third Best of Show Award.

When Utah photographer Wally Barras learned last year that Brigham Young University Print and Mail Services had entered a case-bound, photo-filled memory book featuring his photos into the In-Print 2014 contest, his response was quick and certain:

“This will be Best of Show,” Director Doug Maxwell recalls him saying.

Apparently photography is not Barras’ only skill. His prophecy turned out to be dead-on accurate, as Maxwell learned at last month’s IPMA awards banquet when the winning piece was revealed.

“I was blown away,” he admits—despite Barras’ prediction. “I really didn’t expect it.”

To come away with the top prize, out of all the offset-printed pieces, BYU’s book had to prevail over some very tough competition. The final five pieces in the running for Best of Show included three striking publications from the Church of Scientology’s in-plant. Watch the judges make their selection here:

In the end, the In-Print contest judges were impressed with the care BYU’s in-plant had taken to produce this book showcasing Snow College, located in Ephraim, Utah, about an hour and a half south of BYU’s Provo campus. The 108-page memory book features crossovers throughout, and all of them match perfectly.

“The crossovers absolutely are the hardest part because…when they’re printed on two different pages, you have to make sure those colors match exactly,” notes Maxwell. They did, and the judges took notice.

This victory marks the third time BYU has won Best of Show, and the second time under Maxwell’s watch. It was the first time BYU Print and Mail Services had worked with Snow College.

The Early Stages

The job came to BYU through Barras, whom Maxwell has worked with for many years. Hired by Snow College to capture the spirit of the university in photos, Barras took up residence there for several months. Maxwell began working with Snow College two years ago, discussing papers, book size, page count and other matters.

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