Building a 
Better In-plant

The in-plant’s new four-color Presstek 75DI digital offset press is saving time, cutting waste and keeping more work in-house. With it here are (from the left) David Gaines, Dan Jacobson, Laura McEvoy and Robert Pettway.

The in-plant’s new four-color Presstek 75DI digital offset press is helping to keep more jobs in-house. With it here are (clockwise from front) Robert Pettway, David Gaines, Dan Jacobson and Laura McEvoy.

Checking out a proof printed on the in-plant’s Xerox iGen4 are Melvin Scott and Hope Bowman.

The in-plant’s new Standard Horizon Stitchliner 5500 booklet maker, operated by Matthew Branum, can integrate both digital and offset materials.

William Osbourne stands with the in-plant’s new Xerox 980 continuous-feed color press, which will be used to bring color to transactional documents.

By installing an impressive selection of new equipment, BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee Print Solutions has been able to increase its value to the company, keep more work in-house and cut costs.

A key challenge for any in-plant is to demonstrate ongoing value to its parent organization. Over the last five years, the Print Solutions department at BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee has stepped up to this challenge, reinventing itself in the process.

“Until about five years ago,” says Robert Pettway, manager of General Services and Mail Operations, “we were strictly a conventional in-plant operation producing corporate materials and occasional in-kind donations for local charities and in support of our community. We were basically viewed as a copy center.”

Today the 27-employee, ISO 9001 registered shop operates in three discrete areas: digital printing, offset printing and transactional printing.

“Over the past five years,” says Pettway, “we have placed a strong focus on adding value for the corporation and keeping as much work as possible in-house as we support all of our marketing areas across all corporate subsidiaries. Our mission is to minimize administrative expenses for the corporation while maximizing quality and customer satisfaction.”

BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee (BCBST) is an independent, not-for-profit, locally governed health plan company covering three million people in Tennessee and across the country. Located in the Gateway Building of the corporation’s Chattanooga, Tenn, headquarters, Print Solutions has been in operation for more than 20 years. It is managed by Laura McEvoy and supervised by David Gaines.

The digital and offset production areas reside on the building’s first floor, while the second floor is home to its transactional printing operation. This area produces provider checks, explanations of benefits (EOBs) and other transactional documents on a Xerox platform that includes a DocuTech 180 with MICR, a Nuvera 288 with MICR, a 495 continuous-feed black-and-white press and a 980 continuous-feed color press. More than 250,000 magnetic ink and related documents per month and 400,000 to 500,000 EOBs and remittances translate to about 60 million lines of printing monthly.

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