The Cloud and Mobile Demystified

Cloud computing and mobile communications are just two of the disruptive technologies that are driving radical change in the printing industry.

More and more businesses are adopting cloud-based and mobile technologies to perform their business functions. These technologies can help streamline processes, save your company money and reduce the amount of on-site IT staffing you need.

But what, specifically, can the cloud and mobile do for your business?

Confusion over what the cloud actually does is one of the factors slowing its widespread adoption. Put simply, cloud computing is the delivery of standard IT solutions, such as software or infrastructure, on a pay-per-use or subscription basis.

Cloud resources can be shared among several organizations or dedicated to just one, but in either case they are often hosted and maintained by a third-party vendor.

One common type of cloud computing is Software as a Service (SaaS). In this model, the software developer maintains the software’s core code and makes it available to users on a subscription or pay-per-use basis.

Integrate Print & Mobile

With print volume and sales down in recent years, it’s becoming more important for in-plant printers to come up with creative ways to partner print with mobile and digital technology. One way to do this is to integrate Quick Response (QR) codes into your printed materials. Commonly found on everything from product labels and business cards to brochures and signage, QR codes add an element of interactivity to your marketing materials.

These codes, when scanned by an app on a customer’s smartphone, can perform a variety of specific functions. These range from opening your company website on the phone’s web browser to delivering product information or reviews. You can even use them to deliver a coupon code to the customer, which can be redeemed immediately.

There are several online resources for creating your QR codes, including This service will not only build your code for you, but track how many scans it receives, and which devices are used. Once your code is up and running, you can direct your customers to a free QR scanning app, such as Laser Beam Lite (available in the App store and Google Play).

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