Why In-house Binding Can Boost Business

Adding specialty binding services can broaden your client base and heighten customer satisfaction.

Customers are always looking for that something special—a feature that makes one service stand out above and beyond the other options. If you don’t offer something remarkable, your business will fail to thrive. The key is to maintain your traditional services, quality and reliability, while offering customers added value through the auxiliary services you provide.

Running a successful in-plant printing facility in an economy as cutthroat as ours means embracing these value-added applications. Adding specialty binding services can broaden your customer base and heighten the satisfaction you already provide to your existing customers.

Customers are looking for a full service printing package for a number of reasons:

  • There is a cost and convenience benefit to the customer to have all printing and finishing services done under one roof.
  • They are looking for finishing services for their reports, books, documents, etc. that will make their final product appear more professional.
  • There is no need to coordinate the movement of the product from one facility to the next, resulting in a faster turnaround time.

How to Choose Binding Equipment

When considering a binding machine, one of the primary decisions to make is whether to invest in an electric or a manual model. Manual binding machines don’t have the speed of their electric counterparts; however, some still prefer them for the element of control they provide when creating documents. Electric comb binding machines tend to be the more popular option due to their speed, efficiency and ease of use.

In either case, you’ll want to make sure the machine you choose fits your needs based on:

  • Your in-plant’s budget.
  • The projected quantity of binding production.
  • The size of the documents you’ll be binding.
  • The type of binding methods you’ll be using (wire, comb, spiral).
  • The speed and efficiency that you will need from your binding equipment.

When purchasing binding equipment, finding a product that offers adjustability and versatility is a key factor in determining which equipment will give you the most long-term use. Look for equipment that gives the operator the option to control the depth of punch margins (the space between the edge of the paper and where you want to punch your holes). This adjustment allows pages to turn easily once bound and makes it easier to bind small, off-size documents and to use oval comb binding elements—meaning you receive the most versatility from your binding products.

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