Cut Your Run Time

With new advances, faster paper cutting doesn’t have to mean compromised safety.

by Chris Bauer

Speed isn’t everything—not when you’re talking about paper cutters. With this equipment, safety comes first, leaving features like speed and productivity to take a back seat.

“Safety was really important when we were looking at cutters,” remarks Carl Zalaznick, supervisor of Printing Services for Holy Cross Hospital in Florida. “Before the [Swaneck] ProCut 235, we had a really old Challenge. Except for cutting my finger once, we were really lucky that we didn’t have any accidents.”

He says his shop’s new cutter makes up for the lack of safety features on his earlier model.

“Now, the one we’ve got has two safety light beams, and you’ve still got to press the two buttons,” he says. So far it’s working great; he hasn’t sliced his finger yet.

Safety, according to leading paper cutting manufacturers, is the number one priority.

“Safety standards for paper cutters have evolved over the years, forcing manufacturers to incorporate many different elements such as photo eyes, redundant circuitry and special guarding,” remarks Jeff Marr, vice president of sales for Colter & Peterson.

Sidebar: Choice Cuts

The BaumCut 26.4 programmable paper cutter from Baum is hydraulic and stores 99 programs with 6,464 cut steps. Features include infrared safety beams, two-hand timed cut release, a covered rear table, a built-in table light and an optical cut line indicator.

Challenge Machinery’s Champion programmable paper cutters come with up to 37˝ cutting widths. 305 XT and 370 XT models feature a 10.4˝ color touchscreen, using a Windows-based system and has a 47,000-cut position memory capacity. XG models include dual LCD displays and a 9,801-cut memory.

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