School District Brings Yearbook Printing Inhouse

The Desert Sands Unified School District’s Graphic Services department is taking a new approach to yearbook production by installing a Xerox iGen4 digital color press operating in-line with C.P. Bourg finishing equipment. According to Graphic Services Manager John Gildner, the department plans to produce full-color, softcover yearbooks for many of the 20 elementary schools in the southern California school system.

Other components of the production line include an automated C.P. Bourg BBF2005 Book Factory, Bourg BPRFx perforating rotating folder and a three-knife trimmer. In addition to yearbooks, it will be used for many other jobs throughout the year, from printing newsletters to printing and binding legal documents.

“We chose this print manufacturing solution to increase our efficiency and add value to the work we produce,” says Gildner. “With it, we expect to save enough on production to cover the cost of the equipment, while gaining better control of the process.”

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