EDSF Looks at the Next Generation of In-plant Print Centers

ROLLING HILLS ESTATES, CA—Dec. 19, 2006—EDSF released a new report on the next generation of in-plant print facilities, which includes the emergence of Knowledge Management (KM), Content Management (CM), and Electronic Document Management (DM) within the in-plant parent organization. While the vast majority of in-plant print facilities are unaware of—or uninterested in—the growth opportunities of KM, CM and DM initiatives, the survey suggests that the in-plant community should gain more understanding and practical knowledge of these initiatives. Titled “Codifying, Managing, Archiving, and Disseminating Intellectual Assets: The Next Generation of the In-Plant Print Center,” the report is available now as a free download at www.edsf.org.

The paper resulted from an EDSF research grant/mentor program awarded to California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo, Calif., where Ken Macro, assistant professor in the Graphic Communication department, and a team of students executed the research. EDSF is a non-profit organization dedicated to the document management and communications marketplace.

“The in-plant print community is an extremely passionate and dedicated group,” said Macro. “They truly care about their craft and the success of their operations. This project will hopefully expose the in-plant print sector to an unveiling world of opportunity and valuable insight into the development of collaborative knowledge management initiatives. Such initiatives will act as the catalyst to sustainability and innovative progression.”

According to the report, the in-plant print community has experienced major changes in the way it does business and in the types of services it provides to a parent organization. Marco, the primary researcher on the study, adds that KM, CM and DM initiatives at the in-plant level should also be a part of that change. “With an impeding need to manage files—electronic and hard-copy alike—it behooves innovative in-plants to research the progressive opportunities afforded through document and content management systems that fall under the auspices of the Knowledge Management (KM) movement,” said Marco.

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