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Espresso Book Machine Comes to Mardel

Cutting-edge machine offers on-demand access to 8 million+ titles printed in any language, and on-site self-publishing for local authors

June 8, 2012 By PRESS RELEASE
OKLAHOMA CITY, OK – Mardel Christian Bookstore today unveiled its newly-installed Espresso Book Machine® (EBM), a Xerox Solution- a cutting-edge technology that offers patrons instant access to more than eight million titles printed in any language, and allows area Oklahoma authors to self-publish their work on-site. The machine is now installed at their store located at 4848 NW Expressway in Oklahoma City, making Mardel one of the first Christian bookstores to install the machine.

“We are pleased to introduce the Espresso Book Machine and the services it offers to readers, writers and the general public,” said Kevin McDonell, Merchandise Manager of Mardel. “Now people have a source to print-on-demand all types of books in any language and genres, and to publish their own professional or personal writings.”

Oklahoma’s population can access millions of titles in any language with the Espresso Book Machine, the only digital-to-print at retail solution on the market. With the push of a button, any book from EspressNet®, On Demand Books’ digital catalog of content, can be printed, bound and trimmed, creating a paperback book that is virtually indistinguishable from the publisher’s version (watch the EBM in action here).

The Espresso Book Machine allows Oklahoma writers to self-publish their work, with the added benefit of offering their books for sale on the EBM’s catalog, making them available at EBM locations around the world. Using the EBM’s SelfEspress® software, writers can format, design, and upload their book for printing into a physical book and will soon be able to convert the print file to an e-reader format. This feature is of particular significance to Oklahoma City, which has a large creative community that includes many up-and-coming writers and authors.

“Mardel is one of the premier Christian Bookstores in the United States, serving a spiritually rich and diverse community of readers and writers,” said Dane Neller, CEO of On Demand Books. “We’re delighted that Mardel has chosen the Espresso Book Machine to compliment their selection of books and create a self-publishing center.”

Mardel / On Demand Books

The EBM brings convenient, cost-effective, and sustainable technology to Oklahoma readers and authors. Its technology draws books from two sources – in-copyright titles made available by major publishers including Simon & Schuster, McGraw-Hill, Hachette, Macmillan, and O’Reilly, and titles that have fallen into the public domain and are made available as scans through the Google Books program. The EBMs have been installed in roughly 80 locations worldwide, including bookstores, libraries, and universities, and content is expected to continue to increase as EBMs are adopted by more venues around the globe.


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