Fall for IPMA at a Nearby Regional Meeting

Over the next two months, the In-plant Printing and Mailing Association is holding regional meetings in 13 locations across the United States. Free to all in-plant professionals, not just IPMA members, the regional meetings are a local, convenient and affordable half-day educational outing focused on raising the bar to establish and maintain your competitive edge.

Agendas vary by location, but each includes informative presentations by local in-plant professionals and sponsoring vendors, roundtable discussions on topics of regional interest, as well as lunch and a site tour of the host organization’s in-plant facility.

You’ll have the opportunity to meet, learn from and network with other in-plant professionals in your area, as well as get a live, in-person look at another in-plant’s best practices. Learn more about IPMA’s Regional Meetings at: www.ipma.org/regional-chapter-events

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