Flying High Again

Tension filled the air.

After more than eight hours of examining printed pieces for flaws, the judges of In-Print 2001 were looking at three flawless entries, trying to decide which one deserved to be named Best of Show.

In the running were a colorful annual report from the University of Missouri-Columbia, a sharp-looking hard cover book from Brigham Young University and an eye-catching marketing booklet from Boeing.

All three in-plants were former Best of Show winners. They each knew how to produce quality products. This didn’t make the judges’ job any easier.

They scrutinized each entry using a detailed checklist to rank them. The result: Two of the entries had tied.

So they voted. It came up 3-2.

Boeing had won again.

Five-time Champion

In the past 11 years, the aerospace giant has won Best of Show a staggering five times. And no wonder: Boeing’s Precision Printing department—the offset component of Boeing’s massive in-plant—is known for producing top quality marketing material for the company.

NancyPrecision Printing was overseen for years by the late Chuck Okerlund, who supervised Boeing’s last Best of Show project in 1997. Today, Nancy Bowen is manager, with Bill Walker overseeing Boeing’s entire 123-employee print operation.

Boeing’s plan to move its corporate headquarters to Chicago is not expected to impact the in-plant, according to Planning Lead Bill Kennedy, though he says the operation will soon move from its current leased facility to a Boeing-owned site.

This year’s Best of Show winner is a 26-page booklet highlighting the features of Boeing Business Jets. What makes it stand out is the sharp reproduction of the photos and the consistent color from page to page, even on the many crossovers. A fold-out back cover lines right up with the rest of the book, which is stitched and folded almost perfectly.

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