Folder Brings More 
Work to University of Texas In-plant

Operator Freddy Gonzales checks a job he folded on the University of Texas at Austin’s Morgana Docu-Fold MK-2.

Space is at a 
 premium at the University of Texas-Austin’s copy center. And while the shop had a large and productive Heidelberg Polar folder, the machine was really better suited for a commercial printing environment. Copy Center Supervisor Irene Castilla-Alonzo notes that the folder was very fast, but it was eating up a lot of valuable square footage.

So after getting positive feedback from other users about Morgana Systems’ finishing products, the copy center replaced its old folder with a Morgana AutoCreaser 33 and Docu-Fold MK-2 in September 2008. Castilla-Alonzo recalls the justification process was easy once the in-plant showed how the new equipment could bring in new business.

“The old folder had already met the 10-year mark, and because we are so limited on space, we were able to show that we could get these two pieces of equipment, bring up our production levels, and bring in even more equipment that would build our sales,” Castilla-Alonzo says.

The AutoCreaser 33 can handle a sheet size up to 25.5×13˝ automatically. Up to 16 creases can be positioned on a sheet in one pass. The Docu-Fold MK-2 recognizes sheet lengths and automatically adjusts fold plates and delivery roller according to the type of fold and sheet size.

The copy center’s 13 employees—part of an overall in-plant staff of nearly 60—were impressed by the Morgana equipment’s flexibility. They are now able to produce gate folds, engineering folds and various sizes of letter folds. The equipment has helped speed up the finishing process since it is well-matched with the copy center’s workflow.

“The ease of setting it up caught our eye right away,” Castilla-Alonzo points out. “It is completely automatic.”

Previously, the operators had to set up all of the guides and allow the machine to detect the width of the paper—which was becoming a very time-consuming process, Castilla-Alonzo maintains.

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