Get the Most from Your Digital Paper

In our January issue, we asked paper experts for some tips to help in-plants with the purchasing, storage and use of paper for their digital printing devices. They came up with numerous excellent suggestions. Here are just a few:

Hammermill Paper: Hold a sheet up to the light and look through it. If you see big fluffy “clouds,” chances are solid-coverage areas will not look uniform.

Boise: Even the best recycled paper may have higher dirt counts than its virgin counterparts. It’s important to set the end user expectations in advance of running on recycled paper.

Wausau: Keeping paper in the same room as manufacturing is the best way to prevent moisture swings because the paper will become better acclimated to the room’s temperature.

Mohawk Fine Papers: Leave paper in its wrapper until you are ready to use it. Store your paper in shelves or pallets or in cabinets, rather than right on the floor to avoid absorption. If you store paper in a warehouse and not in the pressroom, acclimate it 48 hours on the pressroom floor, in sealed cartons. Do not store paper in your digital printing device’s paper trays.

Learn even more about digital papers in our January issue.

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