IPG Prepress Guide: CTP

Here’s a look at the latest CTP technology.


Suprasetter 145, Suprasetter 162 and Suprasetter 190: Heidelberg is adding large-format models to its Suprasetter range to coincide with Drupa 2008. The new systems are used in conjunction with the Speedmaster XL 145 and XL 162, and the Suprasetter 190 can also supply plates for other presses, up to a sheet width of 74.8˝. The platesetters are available with throughput speeds of up to 35 plates per hour (pph), with a resolution of either 2,540 or 2,400 dots per inch (dpi) as required. The six cassettes of the plate loading unit enable up to 600 plates in as many as six different formats to be loaded automatically.

Entry-level CTP systems include Supra­setter A52 (26.38×20.67˝, up to 17 pph) and A74 (26.38×29.5˝, up to 14 pph). They feature internal punching, direct processing and the new Auto Top Loader.


The Dart 4300 E and 4300 S thermal four-page CTP devices combine compact size, high speed and consistent plate quality. The series offers fast processing speeds and uniform exposure for extremely high image quality, and is ideal for mid-size printers wanting to step into CTP. Optimized for use with Fujifilm’s Brillia HD processless thermal plates.

Fujifilm’s Javelin series of eight-up thermal CTP devices features sharp dots and significant run lengths. Eight different devices support productivity from eight to 42 pph with a range of automation options to suit varied production and ROI needs. The Javelin series supports Fujifilm Co-Res and TAFFETA FM screenings with Fujifilm LH-PJ, LH-PSE and Brillia HD processless thermal plates.

The Saber series of violet laser CTP devices feature both four-up and eight-up devices. The eight-up devices are upgradeable in the field, easily transforming to a dual, and handle a variety of plate sizes and gauges including portrait and landscaped plates. Additionally the Saber Series comes in a variety of configurations from manual to automatic. Optimized for use with Fujifilm’s Brillia HD chemistry-free violet plates.

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