Hot Products

The new Meteor DP8700 multi-substrate digital press from MGI.

The Nordson MiniPUR melter system.

The LD610 series of thermal transfer and direct transfer label printers from OKI Data Americas.

Here are a few of the latest products available for the in-plant market:

Multi-substrate Digital Press

Introduced at Graph Expo, the new four-color Meteor DP8700 multi-substrate digital press from MGI Digital Graphic Technology, supports up to a 13×40˝ sheet (13×47˝ with manual bypass) and prints up to 71 ppm (letter-size) with a maximum 3,600 dpi resolution. A new auto-adjusting offset feeder table eliminates skew and keeps registration consistent at ±0.2mm (L-R). New high definition, silicone-free dry toners (CMYK) have a smaller particle size and are formulated using renewable and organic components. —

MiniPUR Melting System

The Nordson MiniPUR melter system provides a complete, cost-efficient polyurethane (PUR) application solution in a single box. The tank-based system adeptly handles up to four liters of PUR material from various formats including slugs and pellets/pastels. Low-volume users can now easily premelt PUR adhesive to feed small bookbinder wheel pots. PUR adhesives are important for digitally-printed books as fuser oils, inks and toners common in digital printing hinder binding with ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA) adhesives. MiniPUR melters deliver affordable PUR adhesive capability to these low-use processes. The closed system protects PUR from the moisture in air that can prematurely cure PUR. —

Cloud-based Mailing Software

Lorton Data has released A-Qua Command, an automated, cloud-based, enterprise mailing software that integrates directly into mailers’ workflows. It provides a Windows command line interface for users to configure templates and scripts that automate repetitive or similar address quality and mail list processing jobs. No mailing software is needed. Services such as ZIP + 4, NCOALink processing, Postal Presort, Intelligent Mail barcodes, and more are accessed in the cloud, saving money over using on-premise mailing software. Cloud computing eliminates upgrade fees and costs for dedicated computer equipment. —

Negative-working Thermal Plate

Presstek‘s new PhD 830 thermal preheat digital plate is a single-layer negative-working thermal plate that is compatible with the industry’s leading thermal CTP systems. The plate offers significantly less chemical consumption, longer chemical bath life, and wide preheat temperature latitude. An ablation-free plate, it uses less laser power and supports screen resolutions of 1-99 percent at 300 lpi. The FM screening certified plate is resistant to pressroom chemicals and on-press abrasion and is ideal for UV printing applications. It supports run lengths of up to 250,000 without post-baking and more than a million with post-baking. —

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