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For the Transaction Environment

InfoPrint ProcessDirector (IPPD) is modular software designed for in-plants in the transaction-based environment. With core capabilities plus optional add-on features, IPPD software enables flexible control of print and mail production processes. It provides verification of delivery for documents—like explanation of benefits forms or financial statements—for shops that need verification due to regulatory rules. The software streamlines operations, enhances operator productivity, reduces errors and lowers costs. —

Latest Version of PRISMA

O PRISMAproduction software Version 4.04 enables greater automation in book production, advanced use of electronic forms for high-volume applications, JDF and JMF compliance and ADF-to-PDF conversion for mainframe documents. The new functions are available as options to Océ PRISMA–production software. Multiple forms can be stored electronically on the Océ PRISMAproduction platform, populated dynamically with data and printed as needed. Users benefit from cost savings through reduction of stored and obsolete inventory, warehouse space and paper waste. —

Enhanced Web Software

A provider of Web-based marketing software solutions, interlinkONE has added enhancements to its ilinkONE Version 8.5 software. Some key additions include a WYSIWYG e-mail template editor, 30 new e-mail and landing page templates, enhanced integration between the CRM system and the social media channel Twitter, SMS/text messaging, easy steps to personalization and the styling of questions and answers, as new question types to help you create a survey that meets your design needs. —

New Imposition Module

Agfa Graphics added the :Apogee Impose imposition module to its :Apogee 7 workflow management suite. Impose is a rules-based imposition software that uses job information (e.g. page size), product part information (e.g. cover, body and insert) and available equipment (prepress, press and bindery) to automatically calculate and propose the optimal imposition scheme instead of using pre-defined templates. Because Impose interprets and executes imposition based on each individual job, the outcome is predictable and automated, eliminating wrong settings. —

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