Hot Technologies to Debut at Drupa

Drupa will begin in less than two weeks. IPG Editor Bob Neubauer will be there, in Düsseldorf, Germany, checking out all the latest technologies. To give you a peek at what’s ahead, here are just a couple of the latest pre-Drupa announcements:

• ECRM will feature three new platesetters: MAKO 2x, a 2-page platesetter offering a full resolution range of 1200 to 3556 dpi; MAKO 4x, using next-generation optical technology that, with ECRM e-circuitry, delivers high quality imaging; MAKO 8x, an 8-page device that covers all formats for 2, 4, 6 and 8-page signatures with resolutions from 1800 dpi to 3556 dpi. ECRM will also launch WorkMates 3.0, an entry-level workflow solution.

• Xanté will unveil a new version of its award-winning OpenRIP Symphony PDF workflow solution. OpenRIP Symphony 3.0 will include powerful new features like high-end enhanced imposition that allows mixing of page sizes and orientations on a press sheet.

• Pressek will introduce a UV printing option for the Presstek 52DI and 34DI digital offset presses. The UV waterless inks dry instantly, which means that the sheets are ready to go into finishing, or back into the press for printing the second side, when they exit the press.

• Sun Chemical will debut a range of UV curing inks called SUNCURE Advantage. The inks comprise around 30 percent sustainable materials. Sun will also tout new advanced color management solutions and the latest developments on Sun Chemical’s FastJet digital presses and new coating technologies.

• Technifold USA is introducing the Fast-Fit Tri-Creaser. It makes folder setup faster by eliminating the need to pull slitter shafts to change crease settings. The Fast-Fit retains all the Tri-Creaser design features, which eliminate fiber cracking, regardless of grain direction. Also new will be the Multi-Tool Combo Package, which incorporates simultaneous cutting, perfing or creasing.

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