In-plant Salary Survey

As economists start to tentatively talk about recovery, and managers who have been living with pay freezes begin to see hope, IPG is launching our biennial salary survey. Though you may get a separate e-mail about this today, we wanted to make sure as many in-plant managers as possible get invited to take the survey, so we’re including the link here too.

The results will appear in our February issue. They will give in-plant managers and directors an idea of how their salaries compare with others in the industry. Since everyone always asks: No, we are not covering operators in this survey, just management.

Anyone receiving this who is not the manager/director of an in-house print shop, please DO NOT take this survey. Those who are managers, please help your fellow managers out by clicking the link below.

We will only keep this survey open for a week, so if you decide to put it off until later, please make a note right now to come back and take it. Thanks for your help. Here’s the link.

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