In-plants Meet in DC for Interquest Forum

Jimmy Vainstein, printing facility manager of printing and multimedia services at the World Bank speaks to guests.

Kelly Hogg, director of printing services at the University of Virginia speaks to the audience.

Mike Gatti, Fairfax County Government; Narendra Nandoe, of the United Nations; Kelly Hogg, University of Virginia; and Jimmy Vainstein, The World Bank.

Yesterday, dozens in-plant managers from all over the Mid-Atlantic gathered in Washington, D.C., for the eighth annual Digital Printing in Government and Higher Education Forum. The event, organized by Interquest, a market and technology research and consulting firm, took place at the U.S. Government Printing Office.

In-plant managers made up the bulk of the speakers at the event. They hailed from the United Nations, the World Bank, GPO, the University of Virginia, Fairfax County Government, Navy Federal Credit Union and several other government and higher-ed in-plants. Gilles Biscos, president of Interquest, and Toby Cobrin, director, each presented research results showing market trends. Andy Sherman, the GPO’s chief of staff, opened the forum and welcomed managers to the GPO.

Content management and multi-channel delivery were key topics of discussion. GPO’s Matt Landgraf detailed the success of GPO’s Federal Digital System (FDSys), a one-stop site offering authentic, published government information on all three branches of the government. The U.N.’s Narendra Nandoe talked about his efforts to make U.N. documents available on mobile phones and the move to a new content management system. Jimmy Vainstein revealed that, at the World Bank, print and multimedia are under the same umbrella, enabling many channels to be used to deliver the Bank’s messages.

Watch for more details on the forum in the June issue of IPG. See additional photos from the event here:

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