In-plants Popular at Graph Expo

InfoTrends' Barb Pellow addresses the crowd during the IPMA lunch session.

In-plant managers in the audience at the RSA panel discussion.

Graph Expo catered to in-plants this year, with sessions and networking opportunities galore.

It was hard for in-plant managers not to feel special at Graph Expo this year. After years of being included seemingly as an afterthought, in-plants were given the spotlight this time around, with numerous sessions focusing specifically on in-plant issues and a new networking hub called “The InPlant Place” where they could gather and mingle. Some vendors set aside special areas devoted to solutions for in-plants, and one (Rochester Software Associates) offered daily in-plant networking receptions.

IPG attended most of the in-plant sessions and events and spoke with dozens of managers during the four-day event. One of the most informative sessions was a panel discussion, coordinated by RSA, entitled “Empowered In-plants: Tell-All Success Stories from the Field.” Four in-plant managers described their operations, the challenges they have faced, the secrets to their success and ways they are demonstrating strategic value so that closing the in-plant is not an option. They also revealed ideas they tried that didn’t go as planned.

Jimmy Friend, director of Printing and Distribution Solutions at the University of North Texas, talked about how he managed to change the attitudes of his staff years ago and focus them more on quality and customer service. This turned the in-plant around, enabling it to become the award-winning success story it is today. Friend noted that adding an HP Indigo digital press allowed the in-plant to offer variable data and print on demand, enabling it to provide recruitment materials for UNT. This has ingrained the in-plant into the fabric of the university.

Debbie Gallagher, senior operations analyst, with the Department of Administrative Services Publishing & Distribution Department for the State of Oregon, credited her operation’s success to its partnerships with agencies and vendors. She noted that combining digital printing with mailing using automation has enabled her operation to provide “print to post” service for the state, a valuable service.

Bob has served as editor of In-plant Graphics since October of 1994. Prior to that he served for three years as managing editor of Printing Impressions, a commercial printing publication. Mr. Neubauer is very active in the U.S. in-plant industry. He attends all the major in-plant conferences and has visited more than 130 in-plant operations around the world. He has given presentations to numerous in-plant groups in the U.S., Canada and Australia, including the Association of College and University Printers and the In-plant Printing and Mailing Association. He also coordinates the annual In-Print contest, cosponsored by IPMA and In-plant Graphics.

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  • Elisha Kasinskas

    This just out! Here is a link to one of the In-Pant Panel Session Videos referenced in this story- "What have you tried that did not go well?" . Other videos will be available soon on the GASC channel. Enjoy!