Indiana Shop Gears 
Up For Big Move

Neil Hugentober, assistant director for operations, stands with Indiana University’s new Duplo DC-445 creaser.

“We hope to reduce some of our labor costs in that area,” Hugentober reports.

The in-plant’s offset operators are being trained to use the OkiData CX3641 digital envelope press, which was selected for its quality and reliability.

Employees will have a few more months to get used to this new equipment before it all gets packed up for the big move.

“After we get done with our commencement printings in the spring, we should be able to move in late May,” Hugentober concludes.

The in-plant handles approximately 8,000 separate jobs every year—from quick print to long run—totaling more than 100 million pages.

“We are a service organization rather than an auxiliary unit. We’re self-supporting,” remarks Joe Goss, director of Printing Services, who has served the university for more than 23 years.

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