IPG PREPRESS GUIDE: Computer-to-plate Systems


The Acento II four-up CtP system brings thermal plate imaging in two versions: the Acento II E model and the high-productivity :Acento II S. Acento II images all thermal digital plates sensitized for 830 nm lasers, including Agfa’s :Thermostar Plus, the new :Energy range of plates, as well as chemistry-free :Azura and developer-free :Amigo.

The Avalon family of thermal plate­setters offers increased convenience, reliability and functionality and features Agfa’s new Avalon HD Imaging Head. The Avalon comes in five basic configurations with throughputs ranging from 10 plates per hour (pph) for the LE model to 40 pph for the XXT model. The Avalon XT offers speeds of 23 pph with Agfa’s chemistry-free Azura plate.

The Avalon LF-Violet will offer throughput from between 20 to 30 plates per hour. Using the Grating Light Valve (GLV) design, the Avalon LF-Violet will be available in a manual plate-loading, semi-automatic configuration.

Galileo internal-drum, violet laser diode machines handle 12 plates/hr. (VE), 17 plates/hr. (VS) or 22 plates/hr. (VXT), in formats to 44.5×32.29˝.

Palladio II manual or automatic systems offer violet imaging in a flatbed format and handle plates to 25×29.9˝. The :Palladio II M manual version images 17 plates per hour at 2,400 dpi and 23 at 1,200 dpi, while the fully automatic :Palladio II has a range of automation features and a maximum throughput of 20 plates per hour at 2,400 dpi and 28 at 1,200 dpi.


The basysPrint UV-Setter CTP systems operate in the 360-450 nm wavelength range. As a result, you can choose from practically the entire range of UV-sensitive offset printing plates. Implementing the UV-Setter CTP solution means that one continues to use the existing UV plates, processor(s), chemistry and inventories. A further enhancement is the ability to also image existing proofing materials, such as blue line, DuPont WaterProof and others—without compromising the print customer’s contract proof expectations.

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