IPG Prepress Guide: Proofing Systems

Eastman Kodak

Kodak Approval NX thermal halftone proofer supports specialty, corporate and brand colors, including metallics. The system can control density, dot gain and print on actual printing stocks.

Matchprint Virtual for InSite proofing software enables SWOP-certified soft proofing on calibrated monitors with consistent and accurate color. PressProof extends monitor proofing to the pressroom utilizing qualified LCD monitors.

The Veris ink-jet proofer uses Multi Drop Array technology for true 1,500×1,500 dpi addressability. Color consistency assured by 4D calibration and quality-controlled consumables. ICC compliant.

Matchprint Ink-Jet proofing marries drop-on-demand (DOD) imaging with the same software as Veris for color accuracy, enhanced image smoothness, quick calibration tools and connectivity to Kodak workflow solutions. It also offers new Certified Process for Color Confirmation. Available in two-, four- and eight-up formats, and two-sided unit.

IRIS 62Wide proofer provides four-color, single sided, large-format imposition proofs.

Proofsetter Spectrum, Lotem Spectrum and Trendsetter Spectrum are halftone contract proofing solutions using SQUARE­SPOT thermal imaging technology. Units work with Matchprint digital halftone proofing products that are certified for 25-micron imaging, offer new donors, such as white, and transfer to dedicated Matchprint base or a customer’s print stock. Available in multiple color sets with custom color sheets.

Dalim Software

DALiM DiALOGUE, a SWOP-certified, online soft proofing server application, allows real-time, color-accurate, collaborative access and annotation to original high-resolution images (PDF, PostScript, CT/LW, TIFF, etc.). A stand-alone system without ASP-type “click-charges” or subscription fees, DALiM DiALOGUE brings affordable, real-time interactive project collaboration. Project participants enter the system using their standard Web browser—without proprietary software or Web-browser plug-ins required. High-resolution files of unlimited size can be viewed in seconds.


Continuous tone and halftone software RIPs for ink-jet proofing. Product line includes EFI Colorproof XF, the cross platform proofing and large-format production solution that supports a variety of ink-jet printers (up to 104˝) from various manufacturers and provides high color quality and control as well as consistent color across multiple applications and locations.

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