IPMA Picks President Elect

Rob Lingard is IPMA's new President Elect.

Right on the heels of being named IPMA’s Outstanding Contributor for 2012, long-time member Robert Lingard, director of Central Services for Deseret Mutual Benefit Administrators in Salt Lake City, has been named the In-Plant Printing and Mailing Association’s president elect. This follows the ascension of Tony Seaman, of the University of Mississippi, to the role of IPMA president a few weeks ago.

Lingard, who will become president in 2014, is now a voting member of the IPMA board of directors. Actively involved in the association since 1993, he has served IPMA’s Utah chapter as president, vice president and is currently the chapter’s treasurer. He has also served as IPMA’s national awards chairperson.

“In my opinion, the strength of IPMA has always centered around two key elements: strong chapters that provide local support for in-plant operations, and an effective headquarters staff who run the day to day operations of the organization,” stated Lingard. “I hope to help both the individual chapters and headquarters staff continue to excel in their areas of responsibility.”

As director of Central Services for DMBA, Lingard oversees the daily management of print, mail, document imaging, security, purchasing, physical facilities and disaster recover processes. He recently directed a company-wide effort to relocate the press operation to a new facility.

Lingard has 31 years experience in a variety of business environments including international insurance, printing production, cost management, document imaging, mail processing, security, purchasing and disaster recovery. He holds a Masters of Business Degree from the University of Phoenix and a Bachelor of Arts in Organizational Communications from the University of Utah.

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