Vendor Creativity Helps In-plant Through Tough Time

From left: Scott Perrigo, Don Choate and Steve Dimond stand with M.I.T. Copy Technology Centers’ new Konica Minolta bizhub PRESS C8000.

M.I.T. Copy Technology Centers' new Konica Minolta digital color press.

The in-plant’s reputation was also enhanced by the creative, non-print initiatives it came up with, such as managing an electronic signage service on campus—a system of screens where departments can advertise their events.

When the college eased up its financial restrictions, the in-plant went out to bid once again, but this time with more conservative print expectations. An iGen3 was no longer the best fit. Instead, the shop chose to acquire the C8000 it had been testing, adding a multi punch unit with interchangeable dies and inline folding. It also opted to keep the 6501. Now the in-plant is handling work it previously had to send outside—jobs like alumni mailings and campaign materials for human resources.

The next step, Dimond says, is upgrading the shop’s bindery with a new cutter, as well as a folder/cutter/slitter so it can handle business cards, which are currently outsourced. The in-plant is also about to launch WebCRD from Rochester Software Associates.

“It’s going to significantly upgrade the Web-to-print process for our M.I.T. customers,” Dimond says.

The in-plant is currently changing its reporting structure.

“We previously reported to the Dean for Student Life on the academic side,” notes Dimond. “We are in the transition period to report to the VP for Institute Affairs on the Administrative side. The overall plan is to add our department to a new communications umbrella group that will unify the delivery of information both internally and externally.”

These are all exciting changes for an in-plant that, a short while ago, had its head on the chopping block. Dimond praises Konica Minolta for coming to his aid when he needed it.

“Had they not come up with something, I’m not sure we would have survived that two-year period,” he acknowledges. “They literally, in some ways, saved the department.”

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