Looking To Laminate?

Not only does lamination protect your printed work, it gives a professional look to your posters, displays and trade show materials.


TWO OF the hottest industry trends—wide-format and on-demand printing—are also two of the markets laminating equipment companies are looking at to bolster sales.

In the wide-format realm, says Adam Horwitz, product manager for General Binding Corp., lamination improves jobs like posters, point-of-purchase displays and training materials. In-plants that purchase wide-format printers, he says, should also get laminators.

“If they don’t purchase a laminator, their prints won’t have the longevity,” Horwitz says. “If you look at a laminated print, it gives more of a professional image. If you take something to a trade show or put it in a retail store without being laminated, it would be like putting out an unprofessional item.”

Now is a good time to invest in a laminator, he adds, since prices in both wide-format printers and laminating equipment are coming down. Also, films are getting easier to use now that low-melt products have hit the market.

Horwitz offers two tips to in-plant managers looking to add a laminator.

• Look for a product with a wide-diameter roller to allow flatter output.

• Clearer images can be obtained with heated rollers.

Sealing The Deal

New from Banner American Products are the Finisher 4300 and 6300 Series laminators. The 4300 laminates work up to 43˝, while the 6300 laminates jobs up to 63˝. Both will thermally laminate both sides of wide-format work—simultaneously mounting and laminating on board of up to 1⁄2˝. The optional release liner take-up assembly allows one-sided laminating with pressure-sensitive films. Heated rollers, complimented by Banner’s RollerShoe heat shoes, provide fast warm-up times.

From D&K Group comes the 3210, which features an advanced NT roller to provide heat consistency and accuracy. Production speeds reach up to 100 feet per minute. The new 3210 separator features advanced positioning and overlap sensing systems, enabling complete sheet separating without bursting.

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