MIT Adds ‘The Right Finishing Equipment’

Steven M. Dimond
Manager, M.I.T. Copy Tech
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Cambridge, Mass.
Digital Press: Konica Minolta bizhub PRESS C8000

After being restricted from making any purchases for about two years, Steven Dimond, manager of MIT Copytech at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, knew what his first move would be when the buying ban was lifted. Last year, he made that move when his in-plant installed a Konica Minolta bizhub PRESS C8000 and a Konica Minolta bizhub PRO C6501.

To compliment the new output devices, MIT Copytech added a Duplo 645 slitter/cutter/creaser with a business card module. This allowed the shop to offer customers jobs on a wider array of paper stocks, and bring business card production in-house.

“We decided that we would acquire the Duplo to do a lot of the work that we were now going to be doing on the new [Konica] devices,” Dimond says. “The work was going to be of a higher quality and higher standard, so we wanted to have the right finishing equipment to go along with that.”

The in-plant’s introduction of printing business cards in-house coincided with the unveiling of a new website and ordering system.

“It was just a perfect way to have it all come together,” Dimond contends.

Dimond says the installations have been a big hit with his customers.

“We picked up a number of customers that were using outside vendors,” he confides. “We are thrilled with the way the Duplo operates. It has truly become a time-saving device for us.”

Dimond notes that during facility tours, customers often wind up spending more time talking about the Duplo device than the much more expensive Konica machines.

Dimond recalls seeing the Duplo 645 at several industry events. He kept it in mind when it was time to upgrade the shop.

“It is the type of machine that is built to last a long time,” he says. “You are going to pay a premium for that, but I have seen so many pieces of equipment get lighter and cheaper made over the years. If we were going to do something in the bindery, this was the machine we wanted.”

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    Now that you have had your Konica Minolta for a while, how do you like it? We are looking at buying the C8000. What printer did you have before that? We are also looking at off line finishing options. How is the Duplo working for you?