‘Reliability’ is Their Middle Name

Production Specialist Cindy Ley runs the in-plant at Allied Reliability Group.

“Our customers are speechless when they see what we’re capable of providing. The quality and colors look like they just came from a major print shop.” -Cindy Ley

Samples of some of the work produced by Allied Reliability's in-plant.

“I was looking for a workflow that was easy, and the Fiery server gives us simplicity even though we are handling more work.” -Cindy Ley

A combination of new digital printing and workflow technologies has dramatically increased the quality and efficiency of Allied Reliability Group's in-plant.

To service its customers in the industrial and manufacturing sector, Allied Reliability Group depends on its in-plant to provide hundreds of thousands of training manuals, training certificates, course catalogs, brochures, posters and other materials each year. The company’s network of 200+ employees turns to Production Specialist Cindy Ley, the in-plant’s sole employee, for these products, and she, in turn, relies on her shop’s Ricoh Pro C901 digital color press.

Getting a production color device like this became essential when the company expanded its training operations, thus increasing its need for materials. At the same time, Allied wanted to present a more professional image, and make its shipping logistics more efficient, by switching from three-ring binders to perfect-bound books for its training manuals.

So the in-plant, based in the company’s Charleston, S.C., headquarters, upgraded from a Konica Minolta C6000 to a new Ricoh Pro C901 with in-line booklet making and perfect binding. Ley also upgraded her workflow environment with a state-of-the-art print production workflow: the EFI Fiery Workflow Suite. This combination of printing and workflow technologies has increased the in-plant’s quality and efficiency.

Stunning Results

Allied Reliability Group is a global family of companies comprised of maintenance, reliability and operational consulting and services, training, staffing, and integrated software solutions. While much of the company’s print output consists of manuals and training documents, Allied’s Fiery-driven, high-quality capabilities gave the in-plant the ability to create new products like four-color glossy magazines with stunningly good results.

“I was looking for a workflow that was easy, and the Fiery server gives us simplicity even though we are handling more work,” Ley says.

The installation, with a Fiery console and a remote workstation, gives Ley the ability to handle key production tasks at her desk by using Fiery Workflow Suite components, including the Fiery Command WorkStation job management interface and Fiery Impose, EFI’s visual document imposition application. Many workflow tasks, such as job preparation and job submission, are automated to optimize press utilization and minimize downtime.

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