New Video Shows Off World Bank’s Inkjet Press

A new IPG video provides a close-up look at the new inkjet production press installed at The World Bank’s Printing & Multimedia Services operation. IPG Editor Bob Neubauer recently visited the large in-plant while researching this month’s cover story on The World Bank. His video shows off the shop’s spacious new facility, including the centerpiece: a new HP Inkjet T-230 production inkjet press, the first of its kind to make its way into an in-plant.

“Inkjet is really changing the traditional role of printing,” says Printing Facility Manager Jimmy Vainstein in the video. “You no longer have to go with an offset press to get higher volume and provide good quality.”

He goes on to explain why the in-plant made this historic move and how the inkjet press, with duplex printing speeds of 400 feet per minute, is allowing the operation to better service the Bank’s needs.

The video also shows some of the in-plant’s other state-of-the art features, like its video conference room, in which production meetings are held with participants in different locations. Read IPG‘s cover story on The World Bank’s Printing & Multimedia Services operation here, and watch the new video below.

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  • Chuck Werninger

    Awesome video, I really enjoyed the tour!