Paper Report – Water Cooler Sheets

Gather around the old water cooler—or in this case the office copier or laser printer—and find out about the latest paper offerings for the office environment.

OFFICE Papers must provide users with consistent performance. To ensure runnability, major paper mills work closely with office equipment manufacturers on product and equipment issues, notes Dick Thomas, business and converting papers manager for Willamette Industries. This is done particularly when new copiers or printers are in development to make sure work can be produced smoothly. The result, Thomas says, has been the addition of more reliable papers to the market.

Recent manufacturing enhancements have helped Beckett develop a text weight linen sheet to run on electronic imaging equipment. Beckett Cambric Linen text weights, as well as writing weights, are compatible with laser printers, ink-jet printers and copiers, as well as offset presses.

After receiving extensive end-user feedback, Champion International has relaunched its home and office paper offerings known as the “Champion” line. The improved products offer increased brightness and expand the line of ink-jet and laser specialty papers. Champion also markets its PaperOne Multipurpose product, designed for use on all office imaging equipment.

Glacier 95 from Fraser Papers is a bright, smooth opaque paper for use with laser and ink-jet printers or digital presses. The Bight White shade maximizes print contrast and minimizes tonal compression. The Glacier 95 line includes a range of basis weights from 40 lb. to 100 lb. text plus 65 lb. and 80 lb. cover. A special business card stock and a none-point business card stock round out the line. Glacier 95 is available in reams, folio cartons, stock rolls and skids.

Glacier 95 Bright White text and cover stocks are available from Fraser Papers.

Via by Hammermill is an evolving system of writing, text and cover papers for an array of business correspondence—from letterhead and business cards to annual reports and brochures. This line is guaranteed to run on photocopiers, laser printers, ink-jet printers and fax machines that use plain paper. It can also perform on offset presses, providing dual capabilities. Hammermill recently created a 2500-sheet Express Pack for its Tidal DP line of copier and printer paper.

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