Print Management Adds Value in Torrance

The Central Services staff for the City of Torrance stands near the shop’s  Kodak Digimaster 9150. Front row, from left: Gerry Pinela, William Urquilla, Rick Gonzalez, Erick Hernandez and Michael Grabowski. Back row, from left: Carl Hidalgo, Allen Teng, Shant Megerdichian, Edna Fisher and Gail Shota.
Since adding a print management solution, the City of Torrance's Central Services department has improved its workflow, job tracking abilities and ease of use for customers.

“We’re doing a lot of posters that are mounted onto foam core,” Pinela says. Banners are another popular item.

The in-plant has moved into other areas as well, such as scanning documents for archival and converting forms into fillable PDFs.

Path to Print Management

The in-plant’s path to a print management software solution was a long one. Pinela’s main objective was to implement an online order submission process for improved customer convenience and service. He also wanted to free up the print staff from having to manually fill out work requests and handle the high volume of customer phone calls.

Providing a centralized database and organizing the workflow from beginning to end was another of Pinela’s goals. Also, he wanted robust reporting to provide him the management tools to effectively monitor the printing operation’s productivity and break down costs by department, budget account numbers or by specified projects.

Pinela’s predecessor had looked at Print Shop Pro and left information behind for him to review and investigate further. Even so, he evaluated five or six print management software solutions. Once potential vendors were identified, the staff from Central Services, along with IT and Finance participated in web demonstrations of a few different solutions.

Pinela was impressed that Print Shop Pro’s online order submission component, PSP Webdesk, would provide customers with real-time job status, access to previous jobs and the ability to copy and resubmit them as new jobs. The system could also separate labor and materials, which he liked.

The implementation and rollout of PSP went smoothly, Pinela recalls, though it wasn’t a quick process.

“It was very time consuming in the setup, but very well worth it in the end,” he says.

The city’s IT personnel were impressed with the ease of installation and how well the process was organized.

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