Pushing The Envelope

Seeing big money in their mailing operations, these in-plants have invested aggressively in new equipment.

By Mike Llewellyn

State of Oregon

Publishing and Distribution Program

Salem, Ore.

Manager: Kay Erickson

In-plant Employees: 132

Mailing Employees: 25

Mailing equipment upgrades in past three years: Pitney Bowes Series 8 inserter, Secap V300 dual-head ink-jet system

For Program Manager Kay Erickson, the purchase of a Pitney Bowes Series 8 inserter and a Secap V300 dual-head ink-jet system translated to an increase in cost savings and an expansion of the in-plant’s business.

“The Pitney inserter allows the option of cut sheet or continuous. It has given us backup and additional capacity,” says Erickson. “We have added and moved more customers to cut sheet, and we have also been able to standardize our check stock.”

She says the Secap ink-jet system, at 600 dpi, has given the shop better quality and increased speed. With a bulk ink attachment, the device is self-cleaning, and the in-plant’s employees can use colored and fast-drying inks, and can print on glossy paper, as well.

In the next year, Erickson says the in-plant expects to add another cut-sheet inserter and an advanced scanning solution.


Southern Illinois University

SIU Printing/Duplicating

Carbondale, Ill.

Superintendent: Carole Wexstten

In-plant Employees: 20

Mailing Employees: 1, plus students

Mailing equipment upgrades in past three years: Bryce Ink Jet printer, HP LaserJet 8150, HP LaserJet 5000

The Mail Center at SIU Printing/Duplicating is a mail preparation hub for automated mailings, and it is responsible for the major mailings leaving the campus.

To stay up to date, the in-plant purchased a Bryce ink-jet printer in May of 2001, and in its second year of operation the device had already generated well over $27,000 for the in-plant.

“Efficiency and speed are the two biggest advantages,” says Superintendent Carole Wexstten.

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