CTP Brings Productivity Surge at School District

Richardson Independent School District’s in-plant recently installed a Heidelberg Suprasetter A52 platesetter with MetaDimension RIP. The new platesetter is used to image Saphira Chemfree plates for the shop’s two offset presses.

This installation marks the Richardson, Texas-based in-plant’s transition from a film-based to a computer-to-plate workflow, and has allowed it to start doing four-color process printing in-house, a service it had previously outsourced.

“It has sped up our process tremendously and given us an opportunity to cross-train our people on the new technology,” notes Print Service Manager Daniel Najera.

The print shop, which employs a staff of seven, provides a variety of printed materials for the 52 schools and associated parent-teacher organizations that comprise the Richardson Independent School District.

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