Spring In-plant Conferences Getting Closer

The merger of the National Government Publishing Association into the In-plant Printing and Mailing Association is sure to bring new attendees to IPMA’s June 8-12 conference in Milwaukee. With the tagline “Full Throttle Communication,” IPMA is gathering speakers now for the event, and plans to cover topics like multi-channel integration, high-speed inkjet, 3D printing, wide-format, team building, mail piece design, copyright and much more.

Meanwhile, the Association of College and University Printers conference is just 79 days away. The 49th annual ACUP conference is set to take place April 6-10 in the Phoenix area. “The Future Looks Bright” is its theme, and sessions are designed to give managers ideas to help them be successful. Managers will share their in-plants’ strategic plans for growth, and learn how to develop a quality workforce with cross functioning teams. A series of roundtable discussions will cover topics like 3D printing, scanning, revenue strategies, multi-channel marketing and the right of first refusal.

Both events promise lots of networking opportunities. Watch IPG for more details on these two exciting in-plant conferences.

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