Managing Growing Volumes at Mary Kay Inc.

The in-plant for Mary Kay Inc. experienced a sudden, 
drastic increase in work volumes after the company decided 
to bring the printing and folding of inserts ­in-house.

John Stanfield stands next to the Fuji Luxel T-6000 CTP device.

Outside Mary Kay’s Southwest Branch Distribution Center in Carrollton, Texas, are (from the left): Corale Spence, Ted Snowert, Wanda Ward and Keith Hopson, supervisor of Printing Services.

Press Operator John Wisniewski stands with one of the in-plant’s two 29˝ Heidelberg 72ZP perfectors.

Angel Coss, mailing machine operator, cleans up one of the two Böwe Bell + Howell Mailstar inserters, which can insert up to four pieces in one envelope.

Trish Thomas, bindery operator, runs a job on the in-plant’s newest pharmaceutical folder, the Vijuk SAF 36 six-plate folder.