In-plants Unite!

At Moorpark Community College, 18 managers came together to network, listen to presentations on achieving excellence and in-plant justification, and tour America’s Teaching Zoo, located on campus.

More than a dozen in-plant managers attended the kick-off meeting at Oregon State University, where Tim Hendrix, with the State of Oregon, explained how to create a performance matrix, and Richard Silver, from George Fox University, detailed his customer service tactics.

Tim Hendrix from the State of Oregon's in-plant spoke at the first IPMA regional meeting.

Almost 35 managers converged on UC-Davis for the third regional meeting, which included a tour of the Repro Graphics operation.

California State Printer Jerry Hill gave a presentation about justifying new equipment purchases during the UC Davis meeting.

In Texas, about 35 managers convened at Freese and Nichols, Inc., where University of Oklahoma’s John Sarantakos detailed his unique approach to management, and host Staci Hill revealed how she wove her in-plant into the fabric of her company.

In Texas, about 35 managers convened at Freese and Nichols, Inc.

In-plants in the Heartland enjoyed a visit to Nestle Purina Petcare’s in-plant, in St. Louis, where host Tammy Dunham related her in-plant’s wide-format printing success.

Debbie Pavletich, of Briggs and Stratton, spoke at the St. Louis IPMA meeting.

Alvin Griffin, of Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools, hosted the IPMA meeting in Charlotte, N.C.

About 17 managers attended the IPMA meeting at Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools, in Charlotte, N.C.

Visiting managers tour the in-plant at Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools, in Charlotte, N.C.

In six locations across the country, in-plants have been gathering over the past month for one-day networking forums. Coordinated by the In-plant Printing and Mailing Association, the regional meetings were designed to bring in-plants together with others in their areas while spreading the word about the benefits IPMA can bring to them.

The meetings started in early October at Oregon State University, in Corvallis, and Moorpark Community College, northwest of Los Angeles. They each featured speakers, in-plant tours and plenty of networking time for the dozens of managers who attended.

These were followed by meetings at the University of California-Davis Repro Graphics (at which California State Printer Jerry Hill spoke about justifying new equipment purchases); Freese and Nichols, in Fort Worth, Texas; Nestle Purina Petcare, in St. Louis; and Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools, in Charlotte, N.C. The meetings were individually sponsored by Ricoh and Konica Minolta.

“One of IPMA’s key objectives is to bring in-plant managers together in a non-competitive environment where discussion can take place on the common issues all of us face,” explains IPMA President Rob Lingard. “Many in-plant managers are not able to attend the annual conference or participate with one of IPMA’s chapters, so IPMA’s sponsorship of regional meetings is an effort to provide a venue where this interaction and discussion can take place without the expense of travel or time away from busy schedules.”

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Bob has served as editor of In-plant Graphics since October of 1994. Prior to that he served for three years as managing editor of Printing Impressions, a commercial printing publication. Mr. Neubauer is very active in the U.S. in-plant industry. He attends all the major in-plant conferences and has visited more than 130 in-plant operations around the world. He has given presentations to numerous in-plant groups in the U.S., Canada and Australia, including the Association of College and University Printers and the In-plant Printing and Mailing Association. He also coordinates the annual In-Print contest, cosponsored by IPMA and In-plant Graphics.

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