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The Joys Of Togetherness

November 2000
Combining your print and mail operations will bring efficiency and cost savings to your parent organization. Learn from those who have done it.

When you tell customers you provide "one-stop shopping" for all their printing needs, are you including mailing? You should be.

In-plants that oversee both print and mail bring big savings to their parent organizations, both in time and money. To find out more about the benefits, we talked with supervisors of these combined operations. Sharing their insights with IPG were:

John Barron, Director, Printing and Mailing Services, University of Saint Thomas, St. Paul, Minn.

Karen Bush , Coordinator of Printing & Mailing, Mount Vernon Nazarene College, Mount Vernon, Ohio

Jimmy Friend, Director, Print/Copy/Mail Services, University of North Texas, Denton, Texas

J.R. Gaddis, Director, Printing and Mailing Services, University of Oregon, Eugene, Ore.

Steven A. Goodman, Manager, Printing and Mail Services, California State University-Fresno

Bill McCart, Mail Services Manager, University of California-Berkeley

What are the advantages to having mailing and printing in the same department?

John Barron: The design of a mail piece can drastically affect the postage rate at which it can be sent. When the design experts can easily speak to the mailing experts, everyone gets more knowledgeable, and the institution can benefit in hard dollars.

Also, turnaround time is reduced because the facility in which the mail pieces are produced is the same as the facility that processes the mailing.

Sometimes mailing data or addresses come to our bulk mail center in an application like Microsoft Word that requires advanced manipulation to get the fields straight. Our graphic designers in the printing department have the skill to assist the mailing department.

Karen Bush: We can be a one-stop shop. Departments can send us letters through the network to the printer and we are able to print and mail in the same office. We do personalized mailings this way also.

Jimmy Friend: Logistics. High volumes of printed materials are produced for the university that will be processed through our mail operations. It was a nightmare arranging for these large volumes to be trucked across campus and handled again. Our bulk mail operation has been moved to the same building as our printing operations, thus eliminating the need to use several employees and a vehicle to transport materials to the bulk mail area.

J.R. Gaddis: We're able to offer complete one-stop shopping for our customers—projects from their desktop PC/Mac, through printing, directly into the mail distribution stream. We're able to monitor all cost, adhere to mailing regulations and facilitate interaction between the U.S. Postal Service, campus customers, international remailers, FedEx, UPS and intercampus mail delivery.

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