The In-plant Behind the Music

Standing in the D’Addario pressroom are Operations Controller Mike Valinoti (left) and Printing Manager Wayne Carbone.

To print packaging, advertising, catalogs, stationery, posters and more, the D’Addario in-plant uses a four-color, 29˝ Heidelberg Speedmaster press. Running it here are Oscar Perez (left) and Steve Snyder.

To control the quality of the printing and packaging that accompanies its musical instrument accessories, D'Addario relies on its in-plant.

Pressroom Automation Solution

“D’Addario’s in-plant is anchored by our 29˝ Heidelberg SM74 offset press. This Heidelberg is a true workhorse, enabling us to turn out approximately 16 million packages for guitar strings per year,” says Carbone. “However, we realized not too long ago that we needed to bring its capabilities up to speed with a comprehensive pressroom automation solution that would help us to streamline our workflow, improve quality and reduce wasted time and materials. We turned to Mark Williams of CMYK Distributors for help, and he introduced us to Digital Information’s InkZone ink presetting and Closed Loop software and X-Rite’s IntelliTrax spectral scanner.”

Digital Information’s InkZone product line delivers state-of-the-art ink key presetting technology for offset presses via network, as well as closed-loop color solutions for digital ink control on offset presses from all leading manufacturers. Featuring the ability to monitor trends and track job history, utilization of a rollback feature to revert ink key positioning, and the creation of ink key preset linearization curves based on measurement data, InkZone enables the D’Addario in-plant to realize substantially shorter makeready times on its Heidelberg SM74, as well as significantly reduced paper waste and increased productivity. With the BestMatch feature, D’Addario is now able to print according to ISO standards and to drive spot colors into LAB targets. With InkZone, D’Addario is a more consistent and productive operation.

“Our goals were to improve quality control, reduce makeready time and paper waste, and to enhance overall pressroom efficiency,” notes Carbone. “InkZone ink presets and Closed Loop technology with an X-Rite IntelliTrax spectral scanner proved to be an ideal solution for us. With InkZone, the accuracy of the data being sent to the press is consistent and we are now able to achieve run-to color more quickly than ever before.”

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