Top 50 Report Renaissance In-plant

J.R. Gaddis and his staff at University of Oregon Printing and Mailing Services run an in-plant that does it all. Of all the in-plants on the IPG Top 50, this operation provides the most services—just about every service an in-plant can offer.

Here’s a look at what they do:


The in-plant employs four prepress specialists who also handle some design work when requested. It’s not a service that Gaddis is ready to start pushing too hard, though.

“If we’re asked, we’ll do it,” he says.

Electronic Prepress

“A couple of years ago we installed an Avantra 30 [imagesetter], and we went totally digital,” Gaddis reports. The shop has five workstations and uses an Agfa Sherpa 43 for all digital color proofs.

“We’re also looking very seriously at going direct-to-plate in the near future,” says Gaddis.

Offset Printing

Offset may be where this in-plant reigns. Not only did the shop score a six-color Heidelberg Quickmaster at a price that Gaddis calls a steal, but it also has a two-color Heidelberg, a one-color Miehle, a Ryobi 1420, and a small Multilith.

All the offset presses are necessary to handle the steadily increasing demand for four-color process booklets, which account for 40 percent of the shop’s workload.

Digital Printing

Gaddis’s shop boasts three networked Xerox DocuTechs and a few smaller Document Centre 460s, 432s and a 420. He reports that his shop is responsible for a large number of variable data documents for the school’s business office. All together, Gaddis says the in-plant runs between 3.25 to 3.5 million impressions each month off the digital printers.

Data Center/IT Printing

“We take any data that the campus has and try to make it as easy as possible to manipulate and access,” says Gaddis. He adds that he has one full-timer who is exclusively responsible for data manipulation.

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