Ulterior Motives

I’m glad to note that, when faced with claims of the in-plant’s inefficiency, the state hired an outside auditor to collect data, rather than just trusting hearsay (and ulterior motives). Too many in-plants have been closed without any effort to gather performance and cost data.

The audit report likely made State Auditor Brian Sonntag grit his teeth, after earlier calling for PRT to be privatized. The report’s tacit acknowledgement that perhaps having an in-plant isn’t such a bad thing after all was validated when PRT was named the recipient of the In-Plant Printing and Mailing Association’s prestigious Management Award, which recognizes it as an outstanding in-house publishing operation that excels in efficient management practices.

The IPMA award couldn’t have come at a better time. With the release of the auditor’s report just days later, it was basically a double slap in the face to those senators and their mudslinging commercial printer allies who were screaming about PRT’s inefficiency, without any data to back them up. No word yet on how they’re taking this one-two punch.

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