Reward Management at Highmark

Jeffrey S. Taranto, Highmark Corporate Printing Services Manager.



New facilities, technology and business models serve as extra insurance to keep Highmark's in-plant, and its parent company, in tip-top shape.

Insurance is all about planning ahead. As the in-plant for one of the largest health insurers in the United States, Highmark’s Corporate Printing Services (CPS) operation recently executed well-planned facilities and technology upgrades that leave it extremely well-positioned for the future.

However, the shop’s moves—including the relocation and expansion of both of its production facilities; the acquisition of new digital presses and finishing equipment; its transition into the for-profit business arena; and the upcoming launch of a Web-based job submission system—are less risk management and more reward management measures. Highmark’s in-plant isn’t preparing for the worst; it’s hoping for even more of the best.

“While in-plants often face the danger of their companies turning the lights off on them, we have experienced the complete opposite,” enthuses Jeffrey S. Taranto, CPS manager. “Our business only seems to grow, we have never had to cut staff, and Highmark has been willing to invest more and more money into us as a proven commodity.”

Of course, CPS is earning its successes. Both plants run 24 hours, five days a week, staffed by 18 employees. They print approximately 40 to 50 percent of the parent company’s non-transactional printing needs, including sales collateral, manuals, enrollment forms and medical applications.

A Thriving Corporation

Based in Pittsburgh, Highmark employs 20,000 team members to serve 5.3 million health insurance plan subscribers in Pennsylvania, Delaware and West Virginia, and 33.5 million people nationwide through a variety of health and wellness businesses. It reports itself as the fourth-largest Blue Cross and Blue Shield-affiliated company.

This spring, CPS relocated its main Pittsburgh production facility to a new site within the city, increasing plant square footage from 22,500 to 34,145. Its 27,450-square-foot satellite shop in Camp Hill, Pa., moved five miles west to a Mechanicsburg, Pa.-based operation measuring 30,365 square feet.

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