The Latest Developments in Monitor Soft Proofing

With soft proofing, your monitor provides an accurate prediction of the press output so that people can view the proof at different locations, yet see the same colors.

Kodak Matchprint Virtual being used to edit and approve files in prepress.

ICS Remote Director being used press side at Worldcolor, Toronto.

Figure 2: With ICC profiles, color documents can be output on different devices, yet look the same. This is done in the RIP, which can use two or more profiles to create different workflow scenarios.

Figure 3: Green-red “traffic lights” are used in Remote Director to indicate who is viewing and collaborating on a soft proof and whether their monitor is calibrated.

Abhay Sharma is a professor in the School of Graphic Communications Management at Ryerson University in Toronto. This article is based on a presentation entitled “ROI of Soft Proofing,” which he gave last month at Graphics of the Americas in Miami. Contact him at